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Precision In Vitro Diagnostic Instrumentation

Improve your operations with the in vitro diagnostic instrumentation from Medical Equipment Exchange, Inc. in Lenexa, Kansas. Our technical services include calibrating instruments to make sure they are recording correct values. The medical equipment refurbishing includes painting, revalidation for resale, and new tubing. Our Midwest-based operation has the ability to ship worldwide and is backed by live customer service support and three decades of experience. We are especially busy during the months of May, August, and October.

Demo Management Systems

With our turnkey system, all you have to do is let us know the demo date and site and the instrument will appear at your door. We are totally confidential, and we even do business for direct competitors, including the two largest in the world.

Let us know the hospital or lab, the type of instrument, the date you want it, and we will deliver. We allocate a serial number to you, send an approval and confirmation, and then ship the equipment to the location for the dates you need. We will also pick it up when you're done with it. The instrument you get is pre-calibrated and ready to go.

Demo Case Management

We ship the equipment in the case to the laboratory. There is a lift mechanism that lifts up to a bench height of 36 inches. The sales rep demonstrates the equipment right in the case and puts it away by releasing the lift and replacing the lid so that it is ready for shipping or the next demonstration.

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